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There Are Deeper And Darker Things Than You, I Know 'Cuz I've Been There Too.

I cheated on my girl a while back, because I was very very intoxicated and when the person tried to fuck me I didn’t stop them, however I didn’t know what I was doing at the time and wasnt even sure it happened because I was black out drunk (You know when you’re so drunk that you can’t remember the day before) well anyways as time progressed we kinda got over it then my girl broke up With me over nothing like honestly nothing , she was just like breaking up with you lol bye, so my ego,got the best of me and I started running my mouth and she tried to punch me in the face so I grabbed her wrists as they came up and pinned her against the wall to restrain her and throw her out of my house. SHE THEN GOES TO HER EX GIRLS HOUSE AND TELLS HER SHE LOOKS SEXY AND LET’S HER EX GIRL PIERCE HER LIP AND THIS IS THE SAME GIRL SHE HAS CRIED OVER IN MY ARMS, AND SHE HAD PREVIOUSLY BEEN TEXTING WITH HER AND TRYING TO DENY IT WAS HAPPENING OR THAT THEY WERE FRIENDS. Now in the past I had told my girl she was a fucking idiot for letting her ex try and pierce her lip and that I would’ve ripped it out if she had done it. Now we spend the next 5 days after the break up doing couple like things yeah and I ask her if she went to her exes place she tells me no how she paid 45$ for her piercing whatever then her ex messages me telling me how my girl shit talks me, how she talks to my girl all the time how my girl went over there , and I confronted my girl and she was mad and told me it was all lies and was upset asking how I could believe her ex over her now the thing is I was already suspicious about the lip ring when I saw it now my ex promised me she didn’t go and then after everything she finally tells me ya she went. Now I’m still fucking,broken hearted and hurt and angry and everytime I see her fucking lip ring I Want to rip it out because it’s fucking a disgusting Reminder of how she ran right back to her ex girl when she was finished with me. It’s a reminder of what she did to me and it disgusts me and angers me when I look at it which makes me not want to look at her, It makes me not want to look at the girl I love and it fucking sucks. I cheated yes I get it, I fucked up but I don’t wear a fucking reminder of what I did to her , and flaunt it in her face. I know she can’t forget what I did like slowly it will fade and it won’t even cross her mind accept for the occasional times , but me I’ll have to look at her and see that disgusting fucking reminder poking out of her face, taunting me about how my girl was never mine to begin with.

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Time for a rant.
I love my girlfriend , but I don’t think she knows how to be a good girlfriend. My friends love my girlfriend but as a person, not as my girlfriend because you see I do absolutely everything for my girl and in return my girl does nothing for me. I always tried to not think about it , to not notice it but as my friends keep bringing it up it’s hard to ignore. now I’m not saying she’s a BAD girlfriend , however she isn’t a GOOD girlfriend. I don’t blame her though, because I feel she’s like this because she doesn’t understand how to be better you know like I think she hasn’t really needed to be a good girlfriend because none of her relationships she has had has been as serious as ours I suppose, yet I still feel like she doesn’t even try. I mean I know everything comes with practice so I’m not trying to get angry or anything but I mean I understand you need to practice things to be good at them like kissing for example, she doesn’t have much experience kissing so when we do kiss it’s hard only because she doesn’t really know what she’s doing so making out is a complicated issue however I don’t mind that, because in time making out will be as simple as breathing. My fear is that as time progresses down the road she will learn how to do things and understand things yet she will still be a lousy girlfriend just a girlfriend who knows how to kiss. The problem is that I don’t want to fight with her, I don’t want to hurt her yet I want to tell her how much she doesn’t do for me, how she sometimes just makes me feel so horrible that I have to make up stories to people in order to make them think she’s great. I don’t really know how to tell her… Or if I will even tell her… everyone sees I do so much for her even though she is such a hard Person to deal with sometimes and she looks at me and still tells me I don’t treat her right, and just breaks my heart when I honestly give her everything I have. My friends are surprised with me that I’ve put up with her for so long because they witness the difficulty in which being with her in tales, however I feel them growing tired of it, I feel they will soon snap because it frustrates them and I too am starting to become frustrated with how my relationship works.

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I love Alan Rickman. J.K. Rowling told him Snape’s entire background story before they filmed the first movie so that he would understand Snape’s character, now watching these movies a second or third+ time is so great, because then you see strange or subtle little things Snape does, facial expressions, odd glances, ect, and you can be like “Thats why he did that!”

Like here, he sees Harry, and you can tell he is noticing how much he resembles his father, but there is no doubt that he also saw Lily’s eyes there too, then he notices that Harry’s scar is bothering him, and looks suspiciously at Quirrel because he knows he could be up to something. He already hates Harry so much because he’s a constant reminder of the love he lost and who he lost her to, and yet he tries to keep him safe from the first second he sees him. He doesn’t even have to think about it, he sees that something could put Lily’s son in danger and he instantly starts to put the pieces together to keep him safe.


This is why Alan Rickman is such a BAMF. I started noticing this when I was rewatching them after reading the last book… so epic.

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the only point of a middle name is to let you know when you’re in deep shit

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imagine your current friend group but dwayne the rock johnson is an unquestioned part of it

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has anyones crush ever actually worked out for them or is that a myth

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